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Construction Begins on the M1 Rail Tech Center in August

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M1 Rail's to-do list remains longer than its actual route, so we figured "build a garage" might be saved for later, when we're closer to actually getting the streetcars. Not so. M1's "vehicle maintenance and storage facility"—festively rebranded as the Tech Center—will begin construction in August. The $6.9M project is heading for an empty lot in the North End, and the plan calls for more than just a streetcar stash spot.

Located on Woodward between Bethune and Custer, the two-story building will contain 17,000-20,000 square feet. It'll basically serve is the M1 headquarters, with offices and operations based within. The RFP calls for a "Prefabricated bi-level structure" that looks "similar to other streetcar maintenance facilities operating around the country." The landscaping will "help in screening views of the facility from adjacent properties." Sounds sexy!

This evening, M1 officials will host a meeting so nearby residents can weigh on everything "from landscaping to lighting." We're thinking residents might also be interested in having an opinion on the site's possible layouts. Do you want the building right on Woodward with fenced-in streetcar parking out back, or vice-versa? M1 provided contractors with the two sample layouts shown below.

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