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Awful Mustachioed Cat Erases Downtown Rubello Mural

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Today in Terribly Pointless Decisions, a David Rubello mural has been lost—to a cat with a mustache. Painted in on the northern face of the Julian C. Madison Building in 1973, Color Cubes was a 50-by-25-foot geometric mural and an optical illusion. It didn't have to be this way. The mural was painted brown, then covered with a 30' cat banner. With some slight adjustments in the ad's size or positioning, the Rubello piece might have lived clandestinely beneath the kitty, much like the Broderick Tower Whales. On top of everything, you still can't even get a Slurpee downtown. The planned Cadillac Square location remains dark.
(David Rubello is a Detroit artist known his work with geometric forms. More on the history of Color Cubes can be read here. )
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