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Harbortown High-Rise has Sunny Apts, RiverWalk Access

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With rents in the downtown area approaching a critical level of ridiculousness, apartments within Harbortown—a "resort-style" development a couple miles east—are increasingly appealing. This listing is for a two-bedroom apartment in the larger of Harbortown's two high-rises. The rent is $1,500/month, which doesn't seem like such a value until the extras are factored in.
The 1,330-square-foot floor plan is roomier than most, and it comes with two full bathrooms. There's a washer/dryer in the apt. Heat, A/C, gas, and water are included. Most importantly, you're right on the RiverWalk, meaning a quick (and enjoyable) bike ride to the bars of Rivertown or downtown.
· Listing: Gated Riverfront Hi-rise [Craigslist]