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Let the Bidding Begin: 'Neighbors Wanted' Auction Launches with a Boxy Colonial

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[Photography: Curbed Detroit]

With a starting bid of $1,000, the first of Detroit's twelve fix-it-or-leave-it houses goes up for auction at 9am today. The inaugural house is 4184 Bishop, a three-bedroom colonial built in 1941.
In terms of overall condition, this is one of the auction's stronger properties. Kitchens tend to be the low point of these vacant houses, but this one is surprisingly intact. The bigger concerns are upstairs, where buckled wood floors show evidence of water damage

Given the missing furnace, the source of the water may have been pipes freezing and bursting over the winter. The house is also missing a hot water heater. Over 3,000 people registered to participate in the overall auction, so expect a decent number of bids by the time this thing wraps up at 5pm tonight.
· Bids go up in increments of $100
· Winning bidders are required to bring the house up to code within 6 months.
· One house will be auctioned off each weekday.
Check on the auction at the Building Detroit Website.
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