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Univ. District Foreclosure Comes with Historic Charm and a Screened-In Porch

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This alluring foreclosure is one of several big listings in the University District right now. With an estimated 3,100 square feet, the asking price just took a $40K dive, landing at $108K. The house was built in 1936, a fact that's reinforced by nearly every listing photo. From the angular facade to the colorful bathrooms, the house really is the product of a classier era.

The interior contains 4 bedrooms and an impressive 3.5 bathrooms, but the more exciting spaces are the common areas downstairs. A vast living room (17x21') leads into a sunny dining room. The old-school kitchen might be ready for a remod, but there is something charming about that bright yellow tile. As anyone that's ever had a screened-in porch can attest, there's no room or amenity more perfectly suited for drinks on summer evenings.
· Listing: 18924 Oak [Zillow]