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Agnes Street's Old Gas Lamps Will Burn Again This Fall

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It took two years for a chunk of Agnes Street to become the retail hub of West Village. Now it's time to look the part. Thanks to a $150K grant from the Detroit Lions, the tree-lined retail strip is scheduled for some "infrastructure improvements...improving safety and pedestrian friendliness" That's the most unexciting way anyone could write "Agnes Street is lined with gas lamps and we're going to make them work again." The gas lamps are just one the grant-fueled projects hitting Agnes Street this summer.
· Gas Lamps: Have you ever noticed that Agnes and Parker streets have gas street lamps? If not, it's probably because they're not making much light. Many are only partially illuminated or completely dark. The grant will repair the gas lamps along Agnes, but there's no mention of help for the lights along Parker.
· Parking Lot Lighting: The Agnes block has a sizable parking lot in back, but it's not the most inviting place to be after dark. The grant money will pay for more lighting.
· Signage: Tarot and Tea, CraftWork, Detroit Vegan Soul, and Red Hook Coffee will all receive "pedestrian scale signage." No more uncertainty about what door belongs to what business. (Note: Red Hook Coffee plans to open this summer).
· Bike Racks: Bike racks designed by the Nordin brothers and "inspired by the Belle Isle Bridge" will appear on Agnes.
· Storefront Enhancements: Renovations are coming to a former liquor store on the corner of Van Dyke and Agnes. Slated to become the new offices of the Villages Community Development Corporation, the storefront will get new windows, more lighting, and an "improved entrance."
All projects are expected to finish up by fall.
· The Detroit Lions and Hatch team up to invest in the Villages [Lions]