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Sad Strip of Abandonement Now Down 10K Dumped Tires

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Progress! In some cities it looks like new parks, museums, or even condo developments. In Detroit it looks like 25 volunteers spending an entire day hauling away 10,000 tires that were illegally dumped by a strip of abandoned houses in northeast Detroit. Well that must have felt rewarding for them once they were done, right? Maybe not. Said the district manager, "It looks like months worth of work," to get rid of them all. But don't you call those folks illegally dumping the tires lazy! According to MLive,

In one home, it appears the dumpers took the time and energy to climb stairs to the second floor with hundreds of tires that they then stacked in a bedroom. Geez. Do people not have Netflix to watch? Says the district manager, "It might be a suburban tire company that is doing this." When in doubt, point a finger of blame towards the fiefdoms ruled by L. Brooks Patterson.
· Detroit neighborhood's sea of illegally dumped tires slowly shrinking [MLive]