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Mies Town House Deal Falls Through! Home Ups Ask By $10K

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

When this town home in Lafayette Park's famed Mies Van Der Rohe-designed complex first came on the market, the ask of $149K seemed ambitious, yet reasonable enough for someone to make an offer that removed the place from the market in 24 hours. We now know that deal has fallen through, because the listing has shown up again and this Mies is calling out "more is more!" for the next round of bidders. With a new ask of $159K, will it disappear so swiftly this time? This would have seemed impossible a year ago, when another lovely unit asked $20K less.

Like all of these town homes, this one has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,400 square feet. Since this is a co-op, tack on the monthly association fee of $837 (which includes property taxes, building/grounds maintenance, and improvements (hint: no yard work!)) Scrutinizing this home's views, we've determined that they are good, but not the best. Mies units with the best views face the parks on both sides; this one appears to have a partial parking lot view.
· Listing: 1361 Nicolet [Movoto]