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The Vacant Finn Apartments Catch Midtown's Rehab Bug

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[Images via Loopnet]

Put the Finn Apartments on your rehab radar. The humble apartment building in Midtown was approved for an extensive rehab at the Historic District Commission (HDC) hearing on Monday. Despite a keeping a low profile out front, the Finn actually packs quite a few apartments within.

Midtown is known for its long, narrow apartment buildings, but the Finn is practically a hot dog of architecture (check out the aerial view). The building packs in nearly 28,000 square feet for a total of 30 apartments, most of which are studios. Records suggest it first opened in 1920. At some point, it was abandoned and scrapped.

The HDC covers only exterior renovations, so we'll update when more info comes out concerning the interior plans. Aside from a basic sprucing-up, the most noticeable exterior change should be new windows. The vinyl units you see today will be replaced with aluminum windows matching the Finn's original wood windows. As it turns out, those were a dark green.
· Old Listing: 678 Selden [LoopNet]

Finn Apartments

678 Selden, Detroit, MI 48201