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Cap Park's Original 3 Rehab Buildings Finally Make Progress

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Messy renovations at the Griswold and Bamlet buildings have stolen the show in Capitol Park lately, but the spotlight is shifting to the trio of buildings controlled by Karp and Associates. After announcing renovation plans in 2012, the United Way and Capitol Park buildings are finally showing signs of life. The Farwell isn't too far behind.

Built in 1895, the United Way was kept in decent shape over the years. Therefore, unlike makeovers scheduled for its younger neighbors across the park, this project might look relatively low-key from the outside. The $38.6M residential renovation washing through the interior will leave behind 56 "loft-style" apartments, most of them one-bedroom units. According to Crain's, work is expected to finish up by the end of the year.

Other good news: Demolition/abatement work is beginning inside the long-abandoned Capitol Park Building. Built in 1911, the dramatic corner building will eventually contain 63 apartments,with a sprinkling of office and retail space to boot. The Farwell Building, also in rough shape, is reported to be about six months away from securing renovation cash.

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