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Alley Behind Chicken Joint Is Next in Line for Green Makeover

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As the Willis-Canfield alley continues its green transformation, there's word that an even uglier Midtown alleyway is scheduled for its own pedestrian-friendly makeover. This time, it's a crumbling path on East Forest, sandwiched between an art gallery and a defunct Church's Chicken. Right now, it mostly serves as a bumpy pathway to a dumpster.

Right now, the alley basically serves as a road for garbage trucks to access a dumpster. It also does a terrific job collecting trash. The plan calls for all of the usual green alley design features: landscaping, a combination of pavers and ground cover, and a few light fixtures along the way. Because one side is open to Church's parking lot/dumpster zone, a five-foot tall "green screen" will serve as a visual barrier of vegetation.

Initially, the green alley will extend just past the gallery door to the building's rear (marked in green). Funds are still being raised to turn the corner and connect with Seva's patio (red). According to Midtown Detroit Inc, the goal is to finish construction by the end of the summer.
UPDATE: A commenter notes that the Church's Chicken shall become a Checkers.
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