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$200K Buys a Century-Old B&B and Views of a Canal

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Overlooking a canal and the park beyond, the former White House B&B has been standing since 1900. Beyond its distinctive facade and famous architect (we'll get to that in a moment), the White House also overlooks a canal right off the Detroit River. Whether that's an asset or a mosquito stew is unclear. Also unclear: why a 5,500 square-foot home in the Joseph Berry Sub is asking just $200K.

The six-bedroom, five-bathroom estate is one of the oldest houses in the Berry Sub. The distinctive portico and column design is thought to be the work of architect Louis Kamper, who went on to design downtown towers like the Book Cadillac. Six bedrooms and five bathrooms are inside.

The enthusiastic listing agent has some interesting/drunken moments:
"What a PRIME near Downtown Detroit location! Say hello to your neighbors, the Mayor at the Manogian Mansion, Chris Rock's new home...!"
[Kid Rock, not Chris Rock, has a summer house at the opposite end of the neighborhood. He's not going to say hello.]

"This property last sold for $500,000 in 2006."
[Wrong. Records show that it sold for $500K in 2005, then sold for $160K in 2008.]

"You can have it for under $200K with about a $100k of work to restore it. You can't go wrong."
[No comment]

We're left in the dark in terms of what needs $100K. Was it scrapped? Is it sliding into the canal? On the bright side, there is word of a third-floor suite, three fireplaces, and crazy molding within.
· 506 Parkview Dr [Zillow]