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Used Ice Cream Truck is Detroit's Latest Weapon Against Blight

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The latest weapon in Detroit's battle against blight: a used ice cream truck. A company called Lots of Love is outfitting the truck as mobile tool shed, bringing much-needed landscaping equipment to neighborhoods choked with vacant, overgrown lots. For neighborhood organizations already struggling with abandoned buildings, vacant lots are an additional headache, attracting illegal dumping and pulling down property values.

Founders Chelsea Neblett and Becki Kenderes, both 26, envision LOL as a resource to help make volunteer clean-up efforts easier and more effective. It's an important goal in a city with over 100,000 vacant lots. LOL's truck already contains an industrial lawn mower, but there's plenty of room for more. Donate landscaping implements (think rakes, not goats) at the LOL tool drive this Saturday.
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