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Live Adorably in the Upper Flat of this Midtown Cottage

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Ever feel like your living situation just isn't adorable enough? Need a front stoop worthy of an appearance on Pinterest? Midtown has the answer, and it's on the second floor of this gingerbread house on 2nd Street.

The apartment is technically a one-bedroom, but a "small sleeping alcove" could fit second person. Everything inside looks thoughtfully designed, from the vaulted ceilings to the sizable bathroom. And if that wasn't enough, the house is sandwiched between Traffic Jam & Snug and Mario's Restaurant, just around the corner from MotorCity Brewing Works. Renters will have to battle for street parking, but the rent is very reasonable at $850/month, including heat and water.
· Listing: Midtown - 1-2 Bedroom [Craigslist]