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Desirable Chateaufort has 2 Radically Different Units Open

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One of our favorite co-ops in Lafayette Park is Chateaufort Place, a well-preserved piece of mid-century modern design (built in 1963) right next to the Dequindre Cut. There's a lot to like about Chateaufort: the mature trees, the clean architecture, the huge windows, and a good blend of private and common spaces.Two units are on the market right now. Both have the same layout, square footage, and $780 co-op fee, but the interiors and asking prices differ. Which one would you take?

Polished and Pricy: 1523 Chateaufort Place
3 Beds/2.5 Baths/2,300 SF
The pricier unit was obviously renovated sometime in the recent past. The extended kitchen counter makes this one feel more open. The cabinetry and appliances look fresh, the wood floors are shiny, and there's even a bit of landscaping in the back. Potential cons? It's in the second row of units. Instead of street frontage, it looks out over a scenic common yard area. ASK: $125K

The Wolf: 1536 Chateaufort Place
3 Beds/2.5 Baths/2,300 SF
Names for the wolf banner greeting all who approach, the Wolf is painfully dated. There's musty-looking carpet, wood paneling, and a shockingly pink bathroom. At remod is probably needed. If you're willing to go through that effort, why not take the cheaper unit? Plus, it's right on the street and comes with its own little driveway area. ASK: $110K

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