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Hotel St. Regis and the Stealthier Neudeck Building Could Become Apartments

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Earlier this year, the eastern half of Hotel St. Regis went to auction. Right on the corner of Woodward and W. Grand Blvd, the banished portion was considered an alluring opportunity for a condo/apartment conversion in New Center.
According to Crain's, the buyer was mobile phone mogul Joe Barbat, who aspires to convert the St. Regis into a residential building with 60 apartments. But Barbat also purchased another building that's a bit more mysterious: the Neudeck Building.

Located on Clifford and Bagley downtown, the Neudeck held various Wayne County offices until a couple years ago, when it was emptied and put up for sale. According to Crain's, Barbat is under contract to buy Neudeck with plans for conversion into 100 apartments. He estimated that buying and renovating the building would cost between $6.5 million and $7 million.

Much like the Claridge House Apartments, the Neudeck's original facade was hidden beneath a chunky, mid-century coverup. According to the Detroit Historic Society, Neudeck was built in 1918 as the Detroit City Gas Company HQ. Reveal the old facade, Barbat!

Don't forget, Barbat also plans to renovate the vacant Park Apartments tower, which is just across Grand Circus Park. He bought it earlier this year for $3.25M.
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