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Mansion Perfection Costs Just $479K in Indian Village

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Whether it's a new roof or electrical work, Indian Village's old mansions tend to hit the market with some sort of baggage. This 1916 colonial might be an exception. With 7 bedrooms and 5,500 square feet, the manse already enjoyed a total restoration. From the kitchen tile to the basement utility sinks, the entire interior is both historic and cozy. Is it worth the $479K asking price?

· The listing doesn't confirm the shimmery tile is Pewabic, but it sure looks the part. The turquoise color in the kitchen is reminiscent of the Pewabic tile lining the Belle Isle Aquarium.
· Also, three cheers for going with white cabinetry. Really sets off the tile.
· That's the prettiest screened-in porch we've seen in a long time.
· The house is stuffed with old, quirky sinks. Even the basement utility sinks.
· Look at how snugly the checkered bathroom is tucked under the stairs.
· The basement includes a bar and a triangular clothing room.
· Oscar C. Cotteslben was the architect, says the listing. Who is he?
· Bathroom count: 5 Full, 2 half.
· There's a newer roof, boiler, central air, plus upgraded plumbing & electrical.
· One gripe: The backyard is almost entirely paved over. Look from above.

· Listing: 2924 Iroquois St [Estately]