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Sold! Three More Boston-Edison Dinosaurs Hope For Rehab

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Last week saw a bidding frenzy in the Boston-Edison neighborhood. Three damaged, historic homes found new owners, all for less than $50K. As with all Building Detroit properties, the buyers are required to get renovation efforts moving on these properties pretty quickly or risk losing it. But will it really happen? Tour the destruction (and potential) in Boston-Edison's last three auction properties.

[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

1756 W. Boston
Sale Price: $43,200 (104 bids)
4 Bed/4 Bath/ 2,900 SF
With one of the most distinctive facades in the auction, this one attracted a significant number of bidders. The interior was a mess, but the destruction wasn't on par with some other properties we've seen. Built in 1924, the property last sold in 2011 for $28,700.

[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

1737 W. Chicago
6 Bed/3 Bath/3,800 SF
Sale Price: $43,100 (100 bids)
Between the wainscoting and glorious leaded glass windows, 1737 Chicago retained much of the architectural detailing that makes B-E one of Detroit's most impressive neighborhoods. The tile fireplace was even intact. The bathrooms and kitchen, however, were in various states of disaster, and the rear porch/sunroom felt like it was going to fall off.

[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

2499 Longfellow
Sale Price: $29,100 (74 bids)
4 Bed/2 Baths/2,500 SF
As previously mentioned, this one needed tons of help in just about every area. At the same time, the living room's huge french doors, beautiful fireplace, and a bathroom full of Pewabic-looking tile set it apart.