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Gaze at Detroit River (& Mayor!) From this Landscaped Estate

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This five-bedroom in the Joseph Berry subdivision isn't officially riverfront property, but it certainly is Duggan-front. Asking $360K, the home overlooks riverfront Stockton Park and the Manoogian Mansion, Detroit's official mayoral residence.

Beyond occasional Duggan sighting, the house does have a few intriguing features built in. Arches are the name of the game, starting with the hobbit-like front door and continuing throughout the 3,200-square-foot interior. Keep an eye on the wood floors, tall moldings, and the dramatic staircase.
One of the most striking features of this 1926 property is the corner lot it sits on. The whole house is surrounded by multiple levels of terraced landscaping, a very, very cool feature indeed. Hidden by foliage, a private patio with a built-in grill and refrigerator looks like a great barbecue spot.
Tip: Fire up the grill, stock the fridge with a few beers, and see if you can lure Mr. Mayor over for some neighborly chitchat. If you're lucky, Kid Rock might even wander over. His summer estate is just a few houses down Dwight Street.
· Listing: 9301 Dwight St [Zillow]
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The Manoogian Mansion

9240 Dwight St, Detroit, MI 48214