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Spicy Six-Bedroom Colonial Asks Just $275K in the Berry Sub

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[Photography: Stylish Detroit]

Is there a steal to be had in the Joseph Berry Sub? This 1922 colonial is asking just $275K for 6 bedrooms and 3,480 square feet. Despite the traditional colonial stylings outside, the interior decor is a spicy range of colors and patterns. The highlight: wallpaper adorning a second-story bathroom made from covers of The New Yorker.

· Bathroom count: 3.5
· Pewabic tile confirmed in the foyer, sunroom, and fireplace surround.
· How would you describe the red/brown interior color palate here? Moroccan?
· Don't miss the Koi Pond in the backyard. They're trendy these days, apparently.
· The pond would be a lot nicer if a huge, dead tree wasn't looming overhead.
· So many different patterns in the kitchen! Different countertops, cabinets, and a wall that looks like cedar shake.
· Listing: 490 Fiske Drive [City Living Detroit]