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Two New Restaurants for GAR Castle; Filipino Pop Up is First In Detroit; More!

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Mindy Lopus, Detroit Wine School.
Mindy Lopus, Detroit Wine School.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

MIDTOWNSelden Standard has been taking shape inside of a graffiti covered building in Midtown, and they are aiming for a fall opening. Andy Hollyday, formerly of Roast, will be in charge of the kitchen, and people have been breathlessly awaiting the opening for months.

DOWNTOWNKate Williams, formerly of Rodin, has revealed that she will be opening not one, but two new restaurants in the GAR castle sometime this fall. The two restaurants will share a kitchen, but have very different feels. Republic will be a European tavern, while Parks & Rec will be a diner at a lower price point.

MIDTOWNGood Girls Go To Paris Crepes has officially closed, several weeks before they were required to leave the building, and a "For Lease" sign is visible in the empty window. No word yet on whether or not owner Torya Blanchard is moving her business downtown as she originally stated, and the official Facebook page, often a platform for Torya to address fans, is eerily quiet.

MIDTOWNDetroit Wine School, run by former restaurateur Mindy Lopus, is seeking to augment the growth of Detroit's wine culture, through classes, collaborations with chefs, and more. Lopus is building a reputation with young chefs (Stockyard Supper Club) and adding her expertise to local wine lists and more, to show that anyone can learn about and appreciate wine.

DETROITSarap is a new pop up serving Filipino cuisine, prepared by Dorothy Hernandez and Jake Williams. They're having their first sold-out dinners at Supino Pizzeria this weekend, and are anticipating more dinners in and around Detroit in the near future.