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Fernando Really Wants a DSO Concert at the Packard Plant

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Six months after buying the Packard Plant, Fernando Palazuelo is ready to do some decorating...and eventually a bit of hosting. During a long, cocktail-soaked interview on a rooftop, Fernando announced plans to erect new signage on the crumbling building on Monday.
But the Conquistador has an infinitely more exciting goal, one he hopes to achieve by year's end: A Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert at the Packard Plant.

The Packard Plant will be getting "very nice signs" with black and white photos from the building's history. Fernando claims that "you will see things moving" by Monday. If you see a shirtless, silver haired man nailing something to the Packard bridge, don't be alarmed.

If he can get the an area cleaned up over the next few months, the Conquistador dreams of bringing the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to the Packard for "a little concert." The DSO has reportedly toured the Packard and are considering a concert there this fall. Fernando also wants a bigger concert next year.

Fernando's Best Quote to Date:
"I'm not here for making you have a drink or spending my holidays, no. I'm here to win the battle."

Packard Automobile Plant Detroit

E Grand Blvd & Concord St. , Detroit, MI