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New Restaurant Leases Atlas Global Bistro's Old Spot, Plans to Open ASAP

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One year after the NW corner of Woodward and Charlotte went dark, a new restaurant is set to bring it back to life. Addision Eatery just signed a lease for the old Atlas Global Bistro space, confirmed Detroit restauranteur Maurice Wiggins. Because the space is already restaurant-ready, Wiggins hopes to get things up and running within 30-45 days.

Addison Eatery will be a big victory for this stretch of Woodward just south of Mack, which lost two major businesses (Alas Global Bistro and Ye Old Butcher Shoppe) and a historic church in the span of a year. Eater has hints on the menu from December, and Wiggins did tell us that full bar is on the way. Addison Eatery's name comes from its spot in the Addison apartment building, built in 1905 as the Addison Hotel.
(For a taste of the interior, scroll down to Google's view of Atlas Global Bistro taken before it closed last May.)

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