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Last Year's $6,900 Cottage Goes For an Epic $80K Flip

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What appears to be an overpriced cottage in Hubbard-Richard is actually the scene of something much more interesting. Sixteen months ago, this house was a cute foreclosure, turning heads with an ask of just $6,900. The current owners got the keys for $8,600 in January, 2013.

Today, she's back on the market with a slightly more confident ask: $79,900. An epic flip, no doubt, but the new interior decor elevates things into the realm of ultra-weird. We'll give you the before/after photos ahead.

What exactly is the theme here? Southwestern surf shack? The three-bedroom house has just over 1,000 square feet, so widening the kitchen entryway was a good decision. Painting the wood floors? Not so much. Out front, a patch of cedar shingle is a valiant attempt at additional curb appeal, but the crooked gutters and flaky front porch were left alone. The jaunty placement of the street numbers doesn't make up for the bare lightbulb dangling just above.

But forget all that, because this house has one overarching problem: It's not level. A golf ball placed on the floor would roll away. That's a common situation in older homes, but this one is severe. When we visited just before it sold in 2013, it felt like standing in a ship that was just beginning to sink. That's why it was $6,900 back then, and why it's worth much less thank $80K today. You can see it best in the kitchen entryway. She's listing starboard.

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