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The Saga of Gilbert's Mystery Restaurants; Torino Introduces 9 Courses

DETROIT/METROThe June Heatmap is up, featuring some new places like Mike's Kabob Grille (one of the Gilbert mystery restaurants), and a few established places with new tricks.

DOWNTOWN— The story of the week was the announcement that Gilbert's Bedrock Real Estate would be revealing four new Downtown restaurants. Speculation ran rampant, Wright & Co. was leaked as one of the four, and the final reveal left many wondering, "is that it?". Check out the map of where they are/will be located for more information.

FERNDALETorino has decided to change up the rules yet again, this time introducing a nine-course tasting menu to Metro Detroit. Chef Garrett Lipar's new format will also feature foraged Michigan ingredients from the field and the forest as well as organic Michigan Mangalitsa pig.