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Renderings of Midtown's Latest Green Alley Look Promising

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Midtown is going all-out on the Green Alley project this summer, promising a green conversion for the alley between Alexandrine and Selden, running from 2nd to 3rd. It's not the most obvious choice for a green conversion until you consider all the projects planned around (and in) the alley.

This alleyway is the planned location for Alley Wine, the alley-facing wine bar evolving over the last few years. Midtown Detroit is hoping to crowdsource part of the money needed for the alley overhaul, and they're providing a chipper video and renderings to help loosen the purse strings.

Other projects along the alley include Selden Standard at the eastern terminus, some sort of upgrade for Redmond Plaza (a small park next door), the rehab of the Finn Apartments, and rumors of something similar at 711 Alexandrine. MDI hopes to begin working on the alley later this summer.
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