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Metropolitan Building Facade Stabilized as "Potential Developer" Talks Restoration

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Photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard

The Metropolitan Building, downtown's saddest brick-dropper, now has a "potential developer." According to the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), a deal has been reached with an entity called Metropolitan Development Partners to stabilize the Metropolitan's crumbly facade, hence the giant crane out front. Could it be true?

According to the article, the $300K effort will remove Metropolitan's loose terra cotta missiles, which recently destroyed a parked truck. They'll be replaced with a rubber flashing to prevent additional water leakage. Who exactly are the members of the Metropolitan Development Partnership, and how far away are they from actually restoring the place? That's unclear, but $300K is a sizable amount of money to invest.

The company performing the work, Means Group, specializes in building restoration. CEO Eric Means says his crew is "very confident we can restore this building," adding "We are making a substantial investment to protect the public while we take the necessary steps to close a deal."

Stabilization work should finish up by the end of July, Meanwhile, we're left with this one tantalizing quote: "Metropolitan Development Partners plan to create 61 high-end apartments in the building, along with commercial space and retail on the lower floors." Fingers crossed.
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Metropolitan Building

33 John R Street, , MI 48226