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The Five Days Of Meat; Cliff Bell's Makes Changes

Michael Symon's Roast.
Michael Symon's Roast.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— It's The Five Days Of Meat over at Eater, with everything meaty in the city and the metro all in one place. Check out Detroit's Iconic Meat Dishes, or Detroit's Extreme Meats, an interview with Gold Cash Gold chef Josh Stockton all about pigs, slider and beer pairings from Les Molnar, the chef at Green Dot Stables, and behind-the-scenes kitchen and dining room photos from Roast, along with so much more.

DOWNTOWNCliff Bell's is shaking things up with a new general manager, a new chef, and big plans for menu changes, better beers on tap, an updated wine list, and improved service across the board.

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— Not a fan of all meat, all the time? Don't worry, the vegetarian and vegan map has just been doubled in size to feature the very best healthy animal-protein free food in the city and the suburbs.