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New Quicken Loans Tech Center Shows Impressive Progress

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A few months ago, the corner of Rosa Parks and Porter was home to a nondescript warehouse. Today, it's the busy construction site of the new Quicken Loans Technology Center. Things can change pretty quickly when billionaire Dan Gilbert is calling the shots. The action started just under two months ago, but the building's skeleton is already two stories tall.

Made mostly of cement and glass, the structure itself is a utilitarian design that should take shape relatively quickly. The trickier part will be outfitting the interior with the electrical and cooling systems needed to function as a data/technology hub. Everything should be ready to go by January of 2015. Gilbert originally paid $625K for the property in November 2013.

Note: A much quieter development is happening directly across the street. DetroitUrbex noticed that 1400 Rosa Parks looks better than it has in ages. Anyone know what's up?

QL Tech Center

1401 Rosa Parks, Detroit, MI 48216