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New Mt. Elliott Splash Park Looks Classy, Lures Gift Shop

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

The eastern half of the Detroit RiverWalk will eventually link up with the Belle Isle Bridge. But that can't happen until the Uniroyal Site—a nasty reminder of the riverfront's industrial past—is entirely decontaminated.
Until that lengthy process finishes up, the RiverWalk only goes as far as Mt. Elliott Park. And really, that's okay. Thanks to a recent flurry of upgrades, Mt. Elliott is becoming a destination all its own.

The upgrades added a Great Lakes schooner-themed splash park near the river, as well as a pavilion/plaza area that includes restrooms, water fountains, vending machines, and even a cafe. It's worth appreciating the design, which manages to blend in with and frame the view of the river.

The increased traffic at Mt. Elliott Park also lured a new business to the loft building across the street. The tiny Mt. Elliott Park Fun Shop now sells towels, sunscreen, and array of toys/gifts.
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