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DuCharme Place: 185 New Apartments Greenlighted in Lafayette Park

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[McIntosh Poris]

DuCharme Place, a residential development planned for Lafayette Park, looks ready to leap from rendering to reality after a decade on the back burner. Featuring four contemporary residential buildings, DuCharme is slated for the site once home to Rochdale Court Apartments, a senior living center demolished in 2002. Featuring four contemporary residential buildings, DuCharme Place promises 185 new apartments right next to downtown.

DuCharme Place doesn't have the prettiest renderings, but it has some very promising features. Rather than building a parking garage or surface lots, DuCharme's entire ground floor is actually a parking area, similar to the Auburn Building.

According to Model D, architect McIntosh Poris designed the development to exist harmoniously with the Mies van der Rohe structures across the street. We're also told to expect extensive landscaping in a central courtyard--a nod to the leafy oasis surrounding the Mies town homes.

Construction is expected to begin this fall, with a grand opening planned for late 2015.

Keep an eye out for construction to begin this fall. The schedule calls for an ambitious opening in late 2015.

· 185-unit apartment development to begin construction this fall [Model D]

DuCharme Place

1544 E. Lafayette St, Detroit, MI