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Rose's Fine Food, Antietam, Wright & Company: Detroit's Week Of Epic Openings

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RIVERTOWN— This was the week for big openings, and Rose's Fine Food has brought local, quality comfort food to a small diner on Jefferson, and they're getting rave reviews. They're open seven days per week, and the tipless restaurant (they pay workers a livable wage) donates whatever tips they do get to a local Detroit charity.

DOWNTOWNWright & Company is doing a few soft opening days this week, with the doors officially opening on Monday. The highly anticipated restaurant is featuring shared plates from Marc Djozlija formerly of the Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, and a drink program from Dave Kwiatkowski of Sugar House.

EASTERN MARKETOpening number three of the week is Gregory Holm's Antietam, in a meticulously renovated Art Deco building. They are taking reservations for parties of 8 or fewer starting Monday, and their menu is now online, so take a look. Bartender Joe Robinson of Bailout Productions is behind the bar, but the drink menu is not on the website as of yet.