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Old Fire Dept HQ Readies for $28M Boutique Hotel Rehab

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In case you were wondering, the old Detroit Fire Department HQ is on track to reopen as the Foundation Hotel in late 2015. The Aparium Hotel Group officially "announced" their involvement with the project today, promising a hotel with a "Detroit State of Mind" and a "deep appreciation for Detroit's past and a celebration of its promising future."
Despite some excitement at the Free Press, the announcement was almost entire devoid of new information. The revamp will cover the old Fire Department HQ and 243 Larned, the ancient building next door. Room count is still at 100, though costs have increased from $25M to $28M.

There is one interesting tidbit:
"The hotel will include an expansive ground floor restaurant in the former fire engine hall delivering elevated cuisine in an approachable atmosphere." Judging from the 2013 photo we have of the space, the restaurant does sound promising.

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The Foundation Hotel

250 W Larned, Detroit , MI