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Unexpected Amenities: Palmer Woods Manse Hides a Grand Stairway, Private Greenhouse

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Surrounded by the dramatic architecture of Palmer Woods, this Dutch Colonial is easy to miss. Don't be fooled. With over 6,000 square feet and unforgettable grand stairway, the house goes toe-to-toe with most of the neighborhood's gems. It simply isn't bragging about it.

That stairway belongs in a cruise ship, does it not? Keep in mind, that foyer area is just that--28' X 19' space without a dedicated purpose. Climb the stairs, and you'll find six sizable bedrooms. Further ascent will land you in the third-floor ballroom.

Back on the first floor, the house includes a giant study that appears to have its own private bathroom. Not that it needs one—the house has four others to choose from. The most interesting amenity is hidden in the backyard. Who doesn't want their own private greenhouse? Ask: $649,000
· 1405 Balmoral Dr [Trulia]