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Corktown's Future 'Innovation Hub' Considers Edgy Exterior

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Last March, 1400 Rosa Parks was one of many abandoned, graffiti-covered industrial buildings in Detroit. Many were happy just to see someone mow the grass. After yesterday's news, we're looking at renderings in which 1400 Rosa Parks not only has electricity and plumbing, but a stylish facade and a high-tech tenant called ALMMII.

The image is just a concept rendering—things could look totally different when ALMMII moves in this fall. The intersection of Rosa Parks and Porter seems like a lucky spot for old industrial sites. Directly across the street, a former warehouse was demolished to make room for the Quicken tech center. A few yards down Porter Street, business incubator Ponyride just finished up renovating what used to be an empty factory. Before/after shots are below.

· Empty Corktown Factory Turning Into $148M Innovation Hub [Curbed]