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Wright & Company's New Detroit Vintage Style; 10 of Detroit's Most Anticipated Restaurants Mapped; More!

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Wright & Company.
Wright & Company.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

DOWNTOWNWright & Company officially opened to the public on Monday, and the buzz has been huge. Here are some photos of the new restaurant's interior, which is mixing vintage and modern to create the ultimate new Detroit style.

DETROIT— There are so many new restaurants in the works it's hard to keep track of the who, when, and where. Here are ten of the most anticipated openings planned for this year, mapped.

RIVERTOWN— Local Detroit News food critic Molly Abraham wrote a review of Rose's Fine Food just two weeks after their opening, giving them 2.5 stars out of 4, which many saw as extremely low. Online commentary on whether or not two weeks is enough time for a restaurant to even be open before being reviewed, and questions about what the ratings even mean anyways has shown that the local food criticism scene may be in need of a serious revamp.