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Two Modern, Mixed-Use Buildings Close to Landing in Midtown

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[VolumeOne Design Studio]

A project that would construct two mixed-use buildings in Midtown is gaining momentum, with developer Robert Slattery aiming to begin construction in the next few months. The three-story structures would fill gaps in the streetscape along Cass Avenue and Willis Street, replacing two parking lots. Designed by VolumeOne Design Studio, the stark rendering can take a while to warm up to. The details, however, paint a more promising picture.
Both of the 6,000-square-foot buildings will contain a retail space on the ground floor, with just four residential units up above. In an email to Curbed Detroit, Lars Graebner of VolumeOne said that the units will be "comfortable, spacious and modern," with "ample light and open, flexible floor plans." Each unit will contain about 1,000 square feet.

According to Lars, the design "consciously omitted exuberant or expensive details in order to maximize the building's efficiency, the quality of construction, and longevity." Basically, these are high-end structures built to last. The renderings make the facade look like its covered in wallpaper from Ikea, but plans call for a baked, grey-colored brick. The result will be a classy, natural-looking texture.

Construction on such a small scale is expensive, and its appearance in Midtown is encouraging. According to Lars, the goal is to keep the cost of each building around $750K. We'll keep you updated when a construction date is set.
· VolumeOne Design Studio [Official]