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$65K Bought a Bank, Dive Bar, & Apartment Near Corktown

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Just west of Corktown, a two-building bundle on Michigan Avenue wanted just $99K last July. The offer included the former US Star Bar and its upstairs apartment, an abandoned limestone bank from the 1920s, and the empty lot in between. Too good to be true? Actually, it was even better.

Records indicate the bundle was sold for a mere $65K last fall. The buyers: Mike and Lynne Savino, former residents of the Green Acres neighborhood. Here's what they got:

According to Model D, the Savinos searching for a bar interested in taking over the space. US Star Bar's old liquor license was included in the sale, making the reopening process infinitely more simple. There's also talk of a vintage Bevador Beer cooler left behind. What more could you ask for?
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