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PonyRide Opens a Sleek Co-Working Space in Corktown

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

From Bamboo to Grand Circus, Detroit's growing collection of co-working spaces continues to impress with individual style and purpose. The latest whimsical name to join the party: PonyRide, the community business/art incubator in Corktown. After years of renovation, the co-working space was the last piece of a 30,000 square foot puzzle.

PonyRide started in 2011, when Phil Cooley (co-founder of Slows BarBQ) bought a foreclosed factory building headed for the county's annual tax auction. He paid just $100K. Since then, volunteers have been slowly renovating the interior, stripping away 1980s office decor to reveal the bones of a 1930s factory.

The co-working space, which made its debut earlier in July, was the last item on the to-do list. Look for tables of reclaimed wood, a phone booth for "loud talkers," and wheeled desks made to move around the space as needed. Membership starts at an easy $25/month, but spots are limited. Details can found on PonyRide's website below.
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5203 Loraine Street, , MI 48208 Visit Website