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Foot-Dragging Continues on Vague Plan For Tiger Stadium

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Over 14 years after the Detroit Tigers last played at Tiger Stadium, a portion of the redevelopment plan was almost approved this morning. Almost! It appears the design is unchanged from what we saw in March, with mixed-use development along Michigan Ave/Trumbull and some sort of offices for Detroit PAL (a nonprofit youth sports league) along Cochrane. Sadly, we still don't know much about either section.

According to the Freep, the public board that controls Tiger Stadium met this morning to approve the PAL portion of the plan. Naturally, too few of them showed up and they weren't able to reach a quorum. Well done, public servants. Here's what we know:
· PAL is building a headquarters meant to hold up to 30 employees, but exactly what that building will look like depends on fundraising efforts. Estimated cost is between $7-10M.
· Development rights for the "nothin yet" portion of the field will be retained by PAL for a few years, should they find a sack of money to build a field house or something similar.
· The DEGC is still fielding development proposals for the mixed-use portion of the field. The winning plan will be revealed in August.

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Tiger Stadium

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