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Indian Village Non-Mansion Looks Fabulous For $240K

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With neighborhood prices and popularity on the rise, Indian Village currently produces very few listings asking less than $300K. This is one of them. On Seminole Street, this house has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and more than its fair share of Indian Village charm inside. The ask: $240K.
Suspicious? Don't be. At 2,995 square feet, its simply smaller than mansions we're used to seeing around here. The price per square foot (about $80) is actually one of the highest in the neighborhood right now. Looking for the Indian Village lifestyle without the burden of maintaining a 30-room mansion?
The house was built in 1914, and the interior is remarkably well-preserved. Many old homes still retain Pewabic tile on the fireplace, but few can brag that the butler's pantry still contains the original icebox. The highlight has to be the original oak cabinetry. Or perhaps the leaded glass window on the stairway. It's hard to choose.
· Listing: 2903 SEMINOLE ST [Remax]