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Loneliest Home on 3rd Street Still Has Traces of Ornate Past

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Hidden by overgrown vegetation, the house at 3164 3rd Street is easy to miss. Like most of the Cass Corridor, the surrounding blocks of 3rd used to be lined with prosperous homes dating back to the late 1800s. Today, this is one of the only survivors.

Most of home's original facade has been covered up over the years, but the 1882 ornamentation still peeks out here and there. The house, along with empty lots on either side, are on the market for $300K. The listing claims there are six bedrooms and three bathrooms inside, but don't expect a walk-through. With the front door wide-open, the house is currently occupied by some very grumpy squatters.
· Listing: 3164 3rd St [Trulia]