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Antietam's Chef and Bartender Leave, Owner Rallies; Bon Bon Bon Brings Chocolate to Hamtramck; More!

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DIBS at Detroit Institute of Bagels.
DIBS at Detroit Institute of Bagels.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

EASTERN MARKETAntietam went from being an extremely popular new restaurant to a temporarily closed one without a chef or bartender in less than a month. It was a crushing set back for owner Gregory Holm, but he is pushing forward all the same, hosting a weekend celebration with guest chefs and entertainment, while he continues the search for new staff.

CORKTOWNDIBS is a late night weekend pop up run by Steve Kempner, who is making hearty sandwiches and appetizers at Detroit Institute of Bagels on Friday and Saturday nights. He's hosting a dinner at Motor City Wine this weekend too and he'll also be serving up his made-from-scratch cuisine at Slow Roll on Monday.

HAMTRAMCKBon Bon Bon is a new chocolate shop owned by Alexandra Clark. She's busy making chocolate for online sales all week, but she opens the shop to the public on Saturdays, and the local culinary community can't get enough of her sweet treats. Here's her story.