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Peek Inside Ditto Ditto, A New Bookstore in Corktown

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

If you are against the evil Amazon empire and looking for a local indie outlet for your book buying needs, we have great news. Corktown has spouted a book store called Ditto Ditto. Is Corktown a better indie book store location than midtown, where Leopold's couldn't seem to make it work? Probably. Ditto Ditto is also opening at a much better Detroit 2.0 era, for which Leopold's was a little too early.
Ditto Ditto is opened today from 11-6 and then again Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11-6. Sunday hours are noon to 4:00.

We've also been promised a second Detroit book store, Pages on Livernois, which is supposed to open in the fall. The space is under renovation.
· Ditto Ditto Books [Facebook]
· Ditto Ditto [Official]