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Do These Detroit Squatters Piss You Off?

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Here are some crunchy characters squatting a house in Detroit. They call it the "Intentional House" and their YouTube video has made Detroit blogging person Aaron Foley very indignant. He calls them "freeloaders" and believes they feel entitled to the house because "privilege." His post concludes that.

They have cleaned trash out of the home and "beautified" it. They are not tapping Detroit for free water or electricity (they live without it and run a wood stove in the winter). They also occupy a commercial building where they once threw a birthday party for someone. The house is set up with bunk beds and allows travelers to stay there. Someone even came from France. The guy interviewed says things like "try to keep the vibrations positive."

No, they aren't paying property taxes. But isn't most of Detroit not doing that?
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