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Shinola Complex Expanding, Gaining a Barbershop

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Fellow Barber, a which currently has locations in New York and San Francisco, has selected the Shinola complex in Midtown Detroit for its next location. The news came via an email blast from Midtown Inc. describing Fellow Barber, which was founded in Brooklyn, as "a one-stop shop, specializing in straight razor shaves and haircuts." The store will carry men's fragrance, shave and skincare products, tools, and design accessories. Since opening two years ago, the Shinola complex has already expanded once with the addition of Willys, a clothing and accessories boutique, which opened in June. While the Midtown Inc email did not specify, the Fellow Barber shop is rumored to be taking up the second floor retail spot. Crain's is reporting they will have 1,800 square feet. Anyone have more intel? Tell the tipline.
UPDATE: We've received clarification from a spokesperson that the Fellow Barber store will not be in Shinola or Willys, but will be along that same block.
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