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The New Bridge To Canada Should Probably Still Fear Moroun

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For now we're still calling it NITC, but here's hoping with recent progress the New International Trade Crossing bridge, which will connect Detroit to Windsor Canada, gets a real name. Currently the Freep is projecting it will be open in 2020, but Matty Moroun, owner of the competing Ambassador Bridge, has not stopped pursing legal challenges to block the NITC construction. And that is not the only problem.
We're also still waiting for the U.S. gov'ment to agree to drop $250M on a new customs plaza on the American side of the bridge. Then there is the land acquisition process in Delray, where the Detroit entrance/exit will sit. The plan is for the Department of Transportation to use Canada's money to buy up the land needed for the bridge project. They don't have the land they need yet and they will need hundreds of parcels.

The state can use powers of eminent domain to help with the buy up, but bridge-blocking lawsuit enthusiast Matty Moroun owns property in Delray. He will likely do everything possible to drag the process out. In fact, a lawyer who has represented him told the Freep "Matty's going to fight like a dog." What's the exchange rate on frustration with Moroun these days? Canada better be prepared to take on many shares.
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