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The Latest On Detroit's Most Anticipated Fall Openings; Where To Drink Right Now; More!

Our/Detroit Vodka
Our/Detroit Vodka
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT — There are plenty of new places to eat right now, but what's going on when it comes to drinks? The brand new August Cocktail Heatmap features the best places to imbibe, from restaurants with stellar cocktail programs like Wright & Company to brand new distillery tasting rooms like Detroit City Distillery and even a new coffee shop with a liquor license. Speaking of booze, check out photos of both Our/Detroit Vodka and Detroit City Distillery, both of which just hit the scene.

WEST VILLAGE — The 2014 Hatch Detroit competition concluded this week, and after a longer than anticipated deliberation, small business Sister Pie took home the $50,000 prize. The funds will likely go towards their brick and mortar shop, which will sell both sweet and savory baked goods to the West Village community.

DETROIT — Fall is on its way, and with it are coming some of the most important restaurant openings of the year. The Most Anticipated Fall Openings list is here, featuring the most up-to-the-minute news on the restaurants everyone can hardly stand waiting for. From HopCat Detroit (beer heaven) to Gold Cash Gold (Southern brasserie with an emphasis on meat), this is the essential information.