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$33K Buys Six Apartments Across the Street From Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Coney Joint

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Built in 1905, this Mexicantown castle smells like a deal. And like a coney dog. Asking a mere $33K, the house contains six—yes, six—separate apartments, currently arranged into a couple one-bedroom units and four studios. The interior looks battered but intact, which is the most you can ask from a foreclosure.
As for the pungent smell of chili and onions, the property happens to be steps away from Duly's Place. The 24-hour coney joint won over Anthony Bourdain, who visited during the Detroit-themed episode of Parts Unknown. Beyond Duly's, the house is a few blocks from Clark Park and the long strip of food/retail along Vernor.

· Listing: 1931 Junction [HomePath]