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Broderick Tower's 24th Floor Admits It Overshot the Ask

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Oops, says an apartment on the 24th floor of the Broderick Tower. After finding itself unable to sublet itself out at $2,195 for 1,037ft², the ask is now $1,995. So that is $200 cheaper a month to enjoy the views in your own private corporate extended stay-style Marriott pad. More importantly, is Detroit's $2/ft² downtown rental rate a myth? We're now at $1.92/ft² for this apartment, if it goes lower downtown developers might just have to let those old folks stay after all. The apartment resident writes the tipline, "I don't disagree I swung too high at $2,195" but further explains that the Broderick passed along an 11% price increase this year. Did the management make the $2/ft² hype or do they just believe in The Detroit News, against all odds?

· $2195 / 2br - 1037ft² [Craigslist]

Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St., Detroit, MI 48226